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Fozia story


My name is-----Miss Fozia
My sexual Friends

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi I am Fozzia 26 yrs , working in a private firm. I was married a year ago. Today I want to share my experience to all you readers out there. Not even in my dreams I had thought that I would scan pornographic sites and share the most personnel information with others. I have read many stories in the last couple of days. Mostly from boys who describe about assets. Well for those who are interested I am 36 -25-36. Aren’t there any girls who enjoy sex? Well I was one of those homely girls for whom sex was a taboo and only for procreation. On the wedding night itself I lost my virginity. I did not know much about sex. My husband striped me, pinched and caressed my breast and with full force penetrated. I was shy and beard the pain and a sore vagina for a week. I did not find any thing interesting; he came undressed me and entered. After a few strokes it was over. Sometimes he did not even remove his trousers properly. He told me that he did not want a child soon and was using protection. For me sex was boring.

Our financial condition forced me to take up a job in a private firm. My boss was a handsome strong man in his early thirties. I was told that he was a playboy and enjoyed a lot. A couple of months passed I had no problems with him. I used to wear a salwar. and that too of thick material. One day I happen to wear one, which was a bit see through. As a result the bra was clearly visible. I realized when my colleagues stole glances to look at my private parts. I tried to cover with my duppatta. That evening I saw my boss strolling his eyes on my assets.

A week passed. We were having our annual staff gathering. I had worn a saree. At the end of the function my boss came up to me and said I had to accompany him home first to collect a file and than to his office. He promised that he would drop me home. Little did I wonder what was in stored for me.

On reaching his house he made me sit and took his own time. I remind him about the file but he seemed least bothered. He came to me and said a looked beautiful in a sari and placed his hand on my bare stomach. I wore the sari above my navel. I was frightened and tried to move. He caught me by my shoulder and removed the pin used to attach the pallu to the blouse. I protested and I wanted to go. He brushed his fingers on my shoulder and the pallu fell. Vow he said and tried to hug me. "Sir, what are you doing. I am married .let me go". I said but he was least bothered. He kissed me on my neck troth and was moving down. I’ll give you an increment he said and tried to open my blouse. I wanted to free myself. This gave his an opportunity to open if fully. Good boobs he said as he removed his shirt. I crossed my hands and begged to be spared. He was uncontrollable. He hugged me and unhooked my bra. One hand moved down and unhooked my petticoat . I was only in my panty He lifted me and took into his bedroom. Flunging me on to the bed he pounced. My job was important so I stopped protesting. He squeezed my breast and than sucked them hard. I was getting aroused but the guilt was eating me. After sucking he moved down and ripped my panty.

I was now totally nude in front of a man other than my husband. He pushed my thighs apart and kissed me on my slit. Parting the two lips he licked me. I was beginning to enjoy. I wished my husband knew these tricks of satisfying a woman. In a few seconds he stopped. I opened my eyes and saw him stopping. He was big almost 9 inches and firm. He moved on to me and kissed my breast. You are hard and seems to be enjoying he said before sucking my nipples. I could feel an unexplainable satisfaction as his hard rod touched the inside of my thigh. He knew the trick of how to make a woman surrender. I was moaning as he sucked my clit and searched for other sensitive spots. He explored me a lot but that ultimate climax was missing. Perhaps he was teasing me. He moved up to me and said you are too good I’ll fuck you till my balls ache. Saying this he rammed into me and moved as deep he could. I twisted my head with pleasure as he lifted my hips and began his movements. A few stokes and I could feel the pressure build inside me. I moaned and made sounds and soon exploded with what I was told was an orgasm. He slowed down and was out. I thought it was over. But I was wrong. He parted my slit again and chewed my clit. I was at the height of pleasure. He again entered me and moved slowly. He would move out and with force enter again. Each stroke of his was now send shivers in me. He would suddenly move vigorously and that slow down. I could feel the tension building up and stopping with his pauses. I wanted another orgasm. I moved when he paused for which he shouted me to stop, as he wanted to enjoy more.

He got up and moved away I thought I made a mistake in telling him. He removed a bottle and sprayed on his dick. He came again and started his pumping with all his force. I lift my hips to match his strokes. I shook and shivered soon with what was a powerful orgasm. He came soon emptying himself deep into me and collapsing on me. I knew I had committed a sin but was at the same time happy that I had a greatest sex of my life, which would never come to me from my husband.

Through my boss I learnt a lot, the terms used in this story, the sites which aroused the films and many more things and me. We had sex twice after this incident and a enjoyed a lot. How happy his wife would be . he is no more. He has been transferred after making me a sex addict. He promised to meet me when ever he came down as he had I was too tight to be ignored.

This is a message to girls. Do not stick to one guy. But at the same time maintain confidentiality, as a girl’s pride is the greatest.

How was my experience? Do write to me about your experiences, mostly girls. Boys too are welcome to share. I am from goa. Boys willing to enjoy please write to me  my friend E.mail Ahmed Saif.indianboyxxx@outpersonals.com and  dullyusa@gmx.com       My sweet Friend    Ahmed   saif.He is twent   years old.His Penis is long and   fucks me satisfy.My other friend    Tariq  his e.mail     indianboyxxx2012@outpersols.com      and   dollyusa88@gmx.com

My Innocent Village Servant


I live with my parents and we are well settled in Pune, since both my father and mother are working, we needed a maid to take care of the household things, etc. so we decided to hire one maid from our village. Her name was Aarti, she 29 in age, was not much educated, but decent looks, little shy, over all she had sexy curves, nice boobs, and the best thing she was a very good cook. Let me get down to telling you how it all stared.

I 23 yrs. of age coming from a very good family, and doing a Degree course in one of the well reputed Institutes in Pune. I normally don't like to take any undue advantage of anyone say through money or if someone is in need, etc., I normally like to help as many people as possible. And because of this I have a decent company of friends, and also good reputation in front of them.

Before starting with my story, I would like to say that if anyone feels like sharing their experience with me, or want any kind of guidance, or aunties and girls who are not satisfied and would like to get in touch with me can write me at smoothsatisfaction@yahoo.com. And as a part of my own principle, your identity would be kept a secret. So feel free to get in touch with me.

One day I got up extremely late and decided to take the day off. So I was at home all alone, my parents were of to work. My Servant Aarti was doing her house work and I asked her if she has finished, she was about to and asked me if she should prepare my tea. I said yes and went into the Toilet to freshen up. Well as you know being a guy your dick is always erect in the morning. So I, thought of giving some rest to my giant dick, by giving a good morning shag.

I finished my work with an ease fantasizing one of my classmate, after cleaning my dick, I put it in my sorts and when I came outside in the hall for my tea, my servant was starring at my sorts, when I looked down, I saw that there was a wet spot on the area of my dick. I acted as if nothing happened. But I was observing her that she was looking over there time and again.

I later came to the hall and was watching the television. Aarti came and sat down on the ground in front of me and started to watch TV.

She use to feel little free talking to me, and she was even little immature cause she came from a small village, and hence I use to never look at her in a negative or vulgar way. I use to never take advantage of it.

So as a part of curiosity she asked me how come there was wet spot on my sorts. I was surprised by hearing that question. Because I didn't knew what to answer. First I said I don't know. But she asked me twice. Hence I said it happens because of age. She said it never happened to her. I said it may happen later on. She was little confused, she asked me how come you are younger to me and it happened to you, but it did not happen to me. I said I don't know. She said, that she wanted some more explanation for it. I said you may experience it after sometime, I said, say when your husband holds you tight or does something with you. She was still confused. In the mean time my stuff was getting harder and harder, and it was in a semi erect form.

She kept on looking at me. She said that she didn't knew much about such things, and her husband didn't do anything much, cause most of the time, he use to be badly drunk. At the same time, I was getting little nervous, cause I didn't knew what to answer, if she questions me anything else.

Then she said that even she wanted to experience the same wet thing, and then she looked at my sorts, at the wet (but now dry spot). She said it looks in a strange shape, what's the reason for it. I said I don't know, it happens sometimes. She said that if I wont clear my doubt, she may ask someone else, now I was getting quiet confused, that what should I do, should I go ahead and make her experience, or change the topic. Cause I was not liking to take advantage of her innocence.

She didnt say anything much, and left the room. She didnt come in the main room for a while, I went looking for her that where is she. I saw her in my parents bedroom, she had taken her ghagra up, and she was looking at her vagina, in front of the mirror. The moment I entered she was surprised and put her ghagra down. She was speechless, she didnt knew what to say. Since were close to each other. She said, since I have seen her bottomless, now I should be fair from my side, and should also remove my sorts. I was quiet confused, what to do. Normally I dont like hurting anyone.

Hence she came close to me, and she was looking in my eyes, and I was doing the same, and in the mean time, she moved her hand on my dick. And by the time I turned my head down, she moved my sorts down, and as they were of elastic they came down easily. I was worried and getting confused. She was staring at my dick. And she asked me what's this. She said couple of times, she saw this part of her husband, when he made her naked in the initial time after their marriage. I was silent.

And because of that, and also curiosity made her touch my dick, I got a kind of a current and in a flash my dick stood up. It was a very soft touch. She pressed it couple of times, and she took it inside her palm and was fondling it. She was quite curious of all this happening. And part of it, she hold my dick from the top, and moving her hand, she just moved the skin from the knob of my dick. I couldn't control myself, for a while due to excitement I was on my toe. I was getting a wonderful sensation and feeling on my dick. Cause it was for the first time, any person was touching my dick. In the mean time, she kept on doing it, moving her hands up and down. I couldn't control myself, and slowly I shifted my hand to one of her breast. I was pressing it hard, first she got a strange kind of feeling, but still she continued playing with my dick. And now since I couldn't control myself, I moved my hand in side her kameez. I was pressing her boobs quite hard. The feeling that I was getting was great, as if there's no one else in this world, apart from we two. I was experiencing it for the first time. And at the same time, I kept pressing her boobs harder and harder, I pinching her tits and twisting it up an down, I was enjoying every bit of it, and she starting shaking my dick more and more faster. She was enjoying and at the same time, I was in my own world, and in the mean time I was so excited that ejaculated in her hand.

She was still confused that what came in her hand. But at the same time, she felt something sticky at her vagina. She told me that now, how would she experience this. I told her, don't worry, I am there to make you happy. I removed her kameez, and also her ghagra. And she was a villager she didn't wear any bra or panty. She was complete nude. I made her lie down on our carpet. First I started pressing both her boobs. And say after around 2 mins. of pressing. I started sucking one of them, I was sucking the boobs as much as possible, and then her nipple. I sucked it harder and harder, and asked her if she enjoyed it, she just moaned and I continued with my work. I was sucking both the boobs one by one, and even pressing them and pinching the tits harder and harder. And her moans kept on increasing. Then I moved my hands on her stomach and waist, and her complete body was hot. She was enjoying every moment.

I was moving my hands on her stomach, and then to her thighs, I moved very slowly and softly, and she liked that a lot. And she gave trembled a little. When I moved my hand slowly and softly close to her vagina, she trembled more and more, and she started moaning loudly, she was moving her head from left or right, and vice versa and also moaning at the same time, she started moaning in a very low suppressed voice .hhhuuhhhh.. .uuuuffffff. .ooooohhhhhhh. ..aaaahhhhh.. Then I slowly inserted one of my finger in her chut, and she moaned all the more .oooohhhhh.. .hhhuuhhhh.. Her chut was wet, I slowly moved my finger in and out, she was enjoying a lot, her eyes were closed. I shifted myself a little, I again started sucking her boobs, and at the same time I was inserting my finger inside her chut, and she started shouting .oooohhhhh ...uuiiiiimmmmmaaaa... uuuuuhhhhh.... oooffff.... ..aaaaahhhh. This was encouraging more and more, I was doing it little more faster, I was trying to eat her boobs as much as possible, and in the mean time also moving my finger into her chut, she was moaning.

I started biting her boobs and her nipples, and she shouted, but she said that she also enjoyed, now I was moving my finger inside her chut more faster, and also sucking her boobs, and she moaning desparetly, making desparate noises like oooofffffffff ...uuiiiiimmmmmaaaa oooohhhh uuuuuuhhhhhhhh.. sssshhhhhhhh uuuummmmmmmmmmmaaaahhhhhhh....... I further increased the pressure of my palms upon Aartiís pair of firm breasts. I was feeling great in pressing her luxuriant breasts as they were very much tight. Aarti was holding me putting her arms back around my neck and that way giving me full opportunity to press and squeeze her breasts with ease. She was caressing sometimes my neck, sometimes my hairs in her excitement. I started squeezing her breasts with pressure. She was sibilating, hissing and moaning. After some times Aarti told me to increase the pressure of my hands on her breasts and also her chut. I did so. She then told me that something happening in her body and some feeling is coming. She just raised her back, her bottoms and moaned more ......uuuummmmmmmmmmm...... aaaahhhhhhh........ sssshhhhhhhh ........ uuuuuhhhhh.... oooffff.... ..aaaaahhhh. And finally she came. I could see liquid come from her, she kept ejaculating for a long long time, cause I was still fingering her although she had ejaculated, but still there was some fluid which kept coming. Infact after a while almost my entire palm was filled with her sticky sperms.

We both lay there naked, I was moving my hands on her breasts occasionally. And after around 6-7 mins. she opened her eyes, and said that she really enjoyed that. I said that's nice. I said we can enjoy some more, but provided she takes a good bath, cause since she is a servant she was smelling full of sweat. She agreed, I helped her in taking a nice bath. I was fondling her breast, and also moving my fingers during giving her a bath. We both were enjoying a lot. After having our bath, we moved to our bedroom, I gave something to eat and I also ate something, cause I was feeling little hungry.

Later on I said I would put some deodorant on her body. So I made her remove her clothes again, I was on my sorts, and she was only on her ghaghra. I made her sit on my bed. I had a close look at her body, her boobs, her dark brown tits. I was admiring so much and touching little bit, that I was getting an erection. I thought of going one step ahead. I told her to make my dick hard by sucking it. She did it, without saying a single word. She bent over and started to blow me. She started sucking it, and moving her tongue on my dick. I was enjoying that moment very much. I asked to bite the tip and she did so which even made me harder. She then looked up at me and said don't come in my mouth, I said donít worry. After few seconds I removed from her mouth. I couldn't wait any longer and I grabbed her and threw her on the bed I spread open her thighs and started to lick her pussy which was soaking wet I kept pushing my tongue deeper and deeper and she kept letting out these soft moans of pleasure and she told me she was going to cum and started shouting Iím cumming Oh! God Itís there I .. she let out a slight scream and her body arched up and fell all of a sudden.

Then she asked me to do the same thing, which her husband did, that is to FUCK her . I pulled her legs and stuffed my thick stick into her . She bit her lower lip in pain and I started to move in a rhythmic manner, slowly rocking her and then she asked me to get faster "Faster Faster you SOB, Bastard, faster, Cum,Cum you SOB, cum. I was screaming cause she had tightened her Pussy to the Max. I told her Iím cumming , she told me to abuse her so I did, You Bitch ,Whore Fucking Bitch, Iím cumming you Whore, she asked me to shootout on top of her so I pulled out my stick and started to shake it out but I didnít waste my other hand it was way deep inside her pussy pumping , at first one finger the two and so on till all four were in , she screamed you Bastard you are tearing me open, stop but by the time I came all on her face, hair lips..etc. I fell back tired and saw her lying there with her eyes shut tired and we went to sleep.

The next day I took the afternoon off and went home early, she was there and I just spoke to her a little, I asked her if she was up to it again but she said no, but little that I knew that the stupid Whore was wanting me to kind off rape her. She kept giving these mixed signals that I could no longer take that shit , she was at the dining table I went behind her and pushed her face down on the glass and lifted her skirt and tore a hole in her panties and stuffed my fully erect Dick into her asshole, she said no please not from there, but it was to late I was ramming her with all my heart content. The bitch was still weeping in pain but at the same time in pleasure. I stuffed in figures into her cunt and kept pumping her at the same time, when I came I came all over her ass and on the floor on her dark thighs. She didnít say a thing after that and just went and had a bath. My dick was throbbing after all that pumping, that I could imagine how her ass must be in pain, poor Bitch.

This use to go on for quite sometime. I use to fuck her or when she was not in a mood she just gave me a blowjob.

Then one day Aarti came, told us that she wanted to leave, because her husband was not well. We couldn't force her, and we had to agree to what she wanted.

Initially I was all alone, later on I came across one of my colleague, who used to give me some good response, and then I started my hardcore experience with her. But that some other time.

In the mean time anyone (from pune, mumbai or nearby locations) any girl or aunty, or if anyone's wants any kind of advice, they can get in touch with me on smoothsatisfaction@yahoo.com. Secrecy would be maintained, this a GUARANTEE from me.

You wont regret, this is a bet from me.

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My First Experience With Mamta

First of all a great Hi to all the desipapa readers out there. I have been reading many Sex stories from Desipapa, Desibaba & many more other Indian sites & enjoying various sex stories. This is my first story so I first of all request an excuse for my English mistakes.
First of all to describe about my self. I am a fair colored guy of 24 yrs working in MP in an MNC. I have a body with good shape & I am a light smoker & no drinks.

So to shorten this ,the experience which I had was about when I was 20 years old. Then I was in college doing my Graduation. We had a neighbor who had 3 daughters & one son in which Mamta was the best. She had one elder sister & a younger sister & brother. In all of them she looked gorgeous. At that time she was about 18 years in age. Her mother had a hotel where she worked from morning till night. As she was growing in her 18ís she had been developing nice curved but small boobs & a very sexy shape. Also her skin color was whitish & any one would die for her to have sex.

My mother had good relationship with her mother and so naturally I always went to there house for enjoying. But whenever I went to there house I would only watch Mamta. I would always stare at her boobs & Ass.

Mamta would also stare at me, might be she knew what I was thinking in my mind about her. As my mother also took tuitions she would always come for learning at our house.

One day my family had to go to some of my relatives for some function, & I had my exams going on of 12th class. So they had to leave me for my studies. They also had requested Mamta to make food for me ( As we had good relations she always came to our house for staying ). I started thinking about how can I call mamta so that we can enjoy together.

The next day my parents left out early in the morning at 6 am. After they left I waited for 9 am to call for mamta. At 9 am I went to Mamtas house and called for her. When I went to their house I saw that only mamta was present in the house. I inquired to her where all other people had gone. On this she said that all have gone to some marriage in the morning and will return at late night. Hearing this I was very happy and went inside the house and told her that why donít you come with me to my house so that we can make food together. On this she agreed and after closing all the house she came with me on my cycle to my house.

When I entered the house my heart was pounding so fast that I cannot tell you, but I decided not to be in a hurry.

I gave her all the required materials for making the food. I started the TV and was watching Star TV, in the movie ď The Ghost ď was being played, where the hero catches the heroine from behind while she is making some clay work in the house and stats their sex game. Seeing this I was also evoked. My dick started to rise and I started thinking about Mamta.

Soon I got up and went in to the kitchen where Mamta was making rotis. I suddenly caught her from behind through the arms and pressed her boobs, with this sudden catching she was initially feared then without any reaction she stood still. On this my fear became less and I started massaging her boobs from above her dress. At that time she was wearing a T-shirt and some type of half skirt below.

I continued this massaging for about 5 minutes then I off the gas and then again started to massage her neck with one hand inside her t-shirt massaging her boobs. Her boobs were small enough to come entirely in my hands. After some time she turned around me and said that I knew you were watching me from so many days, also I had been always thinking of you.

On her saying like this I was more aroused and I said to her whether she was afraid. On this she said no and again she clinged to me very tightly. At this moment I carried her to my bedroom & then closed the door behind.

She was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. I went near to her & then again started kissing her on her forehead & lips & at the same time started massaging her boobs .The I removed her t-shirt & the skirt which she was wearing below. On removing the clothes I was amazed to see such a beauty. Ohh !! I still remember her small boobs, her silky thighs, her long hairs, her white body, small hairs growing on her pussy. I could not wait any longer but I wanted to play with her for a long time. So I made her sleep on the bed straight and started licking her from the forehead down to her pussy. I continued this for about 15 ~ 20 minutes. On reaching her pussy I started licking her pussy as they show in pictures and also how I read in many of the stories.

She was also responding to me by moving her hips up-down simultaneously. Also she was moving her head from left to right. I then got a bottle of Oil which was lying near to me and applied oil on my pennies while she had her eyes closed. I got near her pussy and suddenly with applying little force entered inside her pussy. Before she came to know what was happening my entire dick had entered in to her. On this she gave a large scream which I tried to stop by kissing her on the mouth and massaging her boobs.

Slowing I started my in-out and after some time I felt my balls tightening up. At the same time she also was tightening up and we both climaxed at the same time .I felt so great as it was my first sexual experience with her.

After that we had many more experiences. But now I am far away from her and now looking for some girls who want to have sex with me. They can contact me at my email address at seeking4girls2003@yahoo.com

Secrecy will be maintained, Bye for now

Aruna's Story


Hi I am Amit. Remember my last story with my colleague Aruna? After fucking her four times I was deprived of sex for two months. How bad it was for a man of high sex drive. Aruna was enjoying with her husband while I was being frustrated. To add insult to my injuries a friend had fed me with excess dose of pornography, vcds he brought from abroad. Besides he had also brought a delay spray and an arousing cream which absorbed in the body, for me. on whom to use was the question. He claimed to have tried it on girls who went mad after having sex with him.

He also warned me not to use the cream in excess as it loosened the vagina. Rima was our telephone operator who was recently married. She was 38-26-38 and was envied for the round ass she had. Her boobs were a bit saggy and inviting. I had decided there and there that I would fuck her till my balls are empty. Her husband worked abroad and that was a opportunity. One evening I visited her with all my tools. She was wearing a white nighty giving me a full view of her bra and panty. My dick stood up. She had gone inside to prepare tea. I followed her and moved my arms to hold her breast. I pressed them hard as she turned in surprise. Staring into her eye I moved on . she crossed her hands to cover herself. Donít come close she said but I moved and reached near her. You are very beautiful let me see you completely I said as I opened her nighty. What are you doing she said . I moved to kiss her lips . I missed and got the cheeks. She protested and tried to move away but my strong arms held her. I lifted her. And unhooked her bra.

In a instance I ripped her panty. It was here that I saw here nude. she was as lovely as ever. i lifted her hands and had a glimpse of her boobs. they were firm. my eyes moved to see her down. she was bushy .I placed here on the bed and borrowed myself kissing her neck , throat. As I moved down there were protest again. I said ďplease let me , you are too beautiful to avoidĒ ."i have not had sex with any one before. I lied I wanted my first experience with you ,as a result i have not masturbated for three months. My balls are full ready to splash. her resistance seem to subside. I said continued kissing this time on here pink soft nipples. I sucked hard and till they were erect in my mouth. I forced my leg in between hers. I bushed my 7 and half inch penis in the inside of her thigh. That satisfied her at the first instant. I could make out that she was enjoying. She took a deep breadth perhaps she thought I was to enter here. But that was not the case I wanted her not only now but always that is why I had to take care of her needs. Slowly kissing here I moved towards the most desired part of a woman. she had a nice cunt with hair all around. Parting her pink lips I kissed them she was uncontrollable. i looked at her face .she closed her eyes and bit her lips as my fingers and mouth played with her slit and clit. She was coming and lifted her hips as a refused to let her clit out of my mouth. She had her first orgasm as I moved again to concentrate on her nipples. I sucked and sucked with all my force she was twisting and turning and could not bear the pleasure .

I stopped when a few drops of white liquid oozed out of her breast. i continued my fore play .i wanted her to speak and tell me to enter. taking no more she said come in i cant wait. I made way between her legs and brushed my tip with her lips down there. I knew the theory and opted for the position giving me the maximum penetration. She knew I was to enter her . she opened her eyes which met mine. slowly I made my way into her. She shirked and with a powerful thrust I moved as deep I could .she turned her head and again bit her lips as my balls banged the area between her anus and clit. She was tight and I felt I was coming with all my force at the first thrust. I envied for her tightness. I also felt jealous of her husband who got this cunt before me. I relaxed till the stimulation subsided. As I wanted to enjoy her to the max. I moved away and got the spray on my hard member. I opened the cream bottle and applied on her slit. She began moaning as I brushed it on her inner lips till it got dissolved. placing her thighs on my shoulder I entered with a powerful stroke. She cream had made her sensitive as I could feel her cunt pull my member. I was numb by the spray. I moved slowly probing here weak areas. Till I found I such move when she was reacting the maximum.

I quickly took this as a another achievement and increased the pace of my thrust. Soon she had two powerful orgasms. I could feel the pull on my organ and flush of blood on here face. My work was done and I had given her the real taste of sex. I slowed down again and moved. We rolled from one edge of the bed to another with me inside her. Towards the end of the roll I would piously thrust her and stop. With my thrusting on the effect of the spray was subsiding. I was showing signs of coming .when this happened I would stop. This delayed my orgasm but readied hers. This continued till I felt she had enough. Clenching here firmly I started banging here as hard as I could. Here moans increased so was the pressure inside me. I wanted to slow for the last final time when she said no. I continued harder as she shivered in the best of all orgasms. I too got a feel of it and continued. I came soon after a few thrust emptying my store of two months deep into her. I clasped on her saying her that she was too good. She too responded by saying I was good and she had the best time of her life.. Any sex starved ladies with husbands abroad or girls looking out for great sex in Goa contact me at greatboy2001@rediffmail.com bye , Amit

Mr Ata-Ur-Rehman is 20 years old and student in F.Sc . He is student of Moderen college Islamabd. He is very sexy friend . I like and many times I saw when I was 2 days old.. I and Fatima my close friend are love and kiss . I like long penis. My lover has very long penis . His penis size is 8 to 9 inch long and 4 inch thick.
Mr Ata-Ur-Rehman. He was standing in Park and his girl friends enjoy with his body. Miss Fatima and Miss Shazia was also standing . When Miss Fatima saw me she called me. Mr Ata-Ur-Rehman said wellcome me.
I said my lover how are you. I with him He accepted my offer and I became sexual friend. My other story read in other pages and can you see my belover penis in about page. Thanks
My lover E.mail and Msn

My lover
My First Experience


Hi!!! I read ur stories regularly and I wish that others should also read my stories. This is a true incident that I am narrating to u. It was when I first had sex with my girlfriend. Her name is Nisha and she is a real bomb. She has beautiful boobs (36") a flat waist and big butt. She is as horny as a bitch. It was our first date together and I was so nervous I could almost feel myself shaking. Nisha was stunning and had a perfectly proportioned figure. I relaxed as I rang her doorbell and when she answered I was even more pleased with the way she looked. She wore a thin white blouse, which fit loosely, a black stone washed jean skirt, which stopped above her knee, and high heel shoes.

As I drove, I spent as much time looking at her as at the road. We went from one destination to another enjoying ourselves thoroughly at each place. As the night progressed, we relaxed and moved closer and closer. Our last stop was a small cafe to get a late night snack. As she sat across the table, I felt her foot gently caressing my leg. I stopped talking and moving for a second, then continued but in a different manner. I didn't discourage her from continuing so this went on for a few more minutes.

Then she went to the ladies room and when she returned, something about her appearance had changed but I couldn't tell what it was. It was about 2 a.m. so I suggested that it was time that I drive her home. As she got up and we walked to the car I realized what she did to her appearance, she had removed her bra. The nipples of her firm 36" breasts gently poked through the blouse begging to be noticed. I let her in the car and walked around the other side and when I entered, I glanced at her and noticed that she had unbuttoned one button from her blouse, exposing the side of her breast almost completely. When she saw that I had noticed her, she moved toward me and we started kissing, slowly at first and then wildly while we ran our hands all over each others bodies. I unbuttoned all the buttons all the way down to her skirt then slipped my hand under her blouse and gently caressed her exposed mammey while she unzipped by pants and ran her hands over my growing lund. After what seemed like forever, we released each other.

I realized we were still in the parking lot of the cafe but really didn't care too much if anyone was watching, but Nisha insisted we move to a more secluded location. Without getting dressed, we drove to her place. I stayed hard the whole way and when we arrived my lund was aching to be let free. We entered and started kissing wildly and continued caressing each other in the entrance hall. We moved to the bedroom where she finally shed her blouse, displaying her treasure chest. She took off my shirt and I kissed the front of her body until I reach her skirt. I unzipped it and continued kissing my way down. She was wearing a g-string with only a small piece of thin, see-through material covering her chut. I kissed it gently and she let out a small moan of pleasure. I kissed my way back up and she gave me the same pleasure. She kissed me all the way down, unbuttoned my pants and kissed every inch of my lund through my briefs. I could barely hold myself back from just thrusting my hot lund into her juicy & wet chut. But I held back and we pressed our bodies together

while we kissed, I felt her hand move to my gand and pull the briefs into my ass to make it look like a g-string. I moved my hands into the exact same position on her body as she moved along mine. Then she moved from my ass toward the front and she slipped her hand into my briefs, pulled them off, and pulled out my meat. I did the same to her, took off her g-string and exposed her moist inviting choot. She wrapped her hand around my pulsing lund and moved down and kissed the tip. I nearly exploded my load right then and there but I held back feeling the pleasure wave build. She put my lund in her mouth and sucked it hard and confidently. It was great. She moved away and I moved down to meet her choot to return the favor. She laid on her back on the bed and I kissed her area at first then slowly moved in deeper and deeper with my tongue, exploring every inch inside her until she shivered in orgasm. She was moaning aaaahhhhh aur chato meri phude ko. Yeh ab tumahri ho gayee hai. Then she pulled me up to lick some of her juices off my lips and grabbed my lund, aimed it, and I plunged my rod into the waiting choot. We lay there motionless for a moment. We moved and rolled around while I was deep inside her. I very slowly started sliding my tool in and out and gradually accelerated the rate. She shouted aaahhh aaj meri choot ko phaad dalo. Aur zor se apna lundmeri choot mein dalo.

Then, I felt her shiver in pleasure and kept that pace in order to keep the ecstasy going. Then she moaned as my dick swelled and pumped a huge load inside her. I stayed in her for a while to relax and enjoy the feeling of the hot & wet choot around my lund. After a few minutes, she got up, left the room, and returned with a can whipped cream and sprayed it all over my lund and tatte and I spread some all over her choot. We lay there talking about the experience we just had and how much we enjoyed it. Then I felt myself getting big again and she started licking off the cream and we rotated so that I could lick off her cream at the same time. We just kept right on sucking on each other long after the cream was gone. I explored her pussy while she sucked hard on my dick (69 position). I felt a pulse and the pleasure wave started moving through my body and released another load, which, according to her, was good to the last, drop. I kept on eating her until she climaxed. I didn't stop there we wanted more. I swore I would keep going until I could unload another round again. She worked constantly with my lund to bring it back into the game. Then I rolled onto my back and she got on top and presented me with her breasts while she rode my lund. I loved the feeling of having her hug my lund with her choot. We peaked at the same time and she collapsed on top of me and pressed her body on mine.

Finally, we both relaxed and fell asleep around 5. This was the beginning of a long and interesting affair, which I will describe in episodes to follow. Comments are welcome at hotavimehta@yahoo.co.in


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